Upcoming commercial projects

Some upcoming commercial projects

Nelson School of Music

A great project to be involved in as we merge the old and new parts of a truly iconic Nelson building.

100mm and 150mm Frontline aluminium systems will be used and incorporate laminated double glazing for noise control.

Oxford Terrace, Baptist Church

This project involves 41Architectural, Sovereign and 150mm Frontline aluminium systems with standard double glazing. Design work is also being conducted for Highbrook louvers to be fitted to the outside of the main auditorium window.

Nelson Airport control tower

Project will start early 2017.
100mm Frontline aluminium system is used for the main tower, this includes noise control double glazing. Design work is being carried out on the stairwell section which will be 100mm Frontline Structurally Glazed system incorporating high performance Low E double glazing.

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