Finance Window Upgrades from 0% Interest.

Thinking about upgrading your home double glazing?

It’s never been more accessible with New Zealand’s leading banks currently offering Energy Efficiency upgrade loans at never-seen before interest rates!

With a Westpac Warm Up loan, you could get up to $40,000 interest-free for 5 years to warm up your home.

ANZ is also offering 1% loans, fixed for 3 years, up to $80,000, to make their clients homes and lives more energy efficient.

These welcome initiatives from the banks remove some of the financial barriers that get in the way of doing our bit for the environment. Future-proofing your home with more energy-efficient options will deliver cost savings on heating and power bills. Even better, you and your loved ones get to enjoy a warmer, healthier home.

Lending criteria apply for both loan schemes, visit the links view all information or get in touch with your mortgage advisor to understand how you can access these initiatives.

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*Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with ANZ or Westpac. Seek independent advice from your mortgage advisor. GWS do not offer financial advice.*