Is Double Glazing Really Worth It?

Retrofit double glazing is an economic option of increasing the energy efficiency of existing windows. Installing new double-glazed units into the existing joinery, saves money by utilising the original joinery and reduced labour by not removing and replacing the complete window system.


The value of retrofit double glazing is determined by a number of criteria, including the cost of the update, the energy savings that can be realised, and the overall quality of the existing windows.


One of the most significant benefits of retrofit double glazing is the cost savings you realise by retaining the existing joinery system. This makes it an excellent choice for homeowners who wish to increase their home’s energy efficiency cost effectively. Retrofit double glazing can also be installed on a variety of window types, generally aluminium and timber, making it a versatile alternative.


Another benefit of retrofit double glazing is that it can greatly lower energy expenses by reducing heat movement through the windows. This can assist with keeping your home remaining warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, lowering the need for heating and cooling systems. Retrofit double glazing can also assist to minimise noise pollution, making it a popular choice for people who live in busy areas.


However, in terms of energy savings and noise reduction, in some situations, retrofit double glazing may not be as successful as a new window system. Furthermore, if your existing windows are in poor condition, retrofit double glazing may not be a viable solution because it cannot address structural issues.


Overall, if you want to improve the energy efficiency of your current windows on a budget, retrofit double glazing is worthwhile. It can assist to reduce energy expenses and noise pollution, but if your complete window system is due for replacing, and you want to increase the energy savings further, there are options for new thermally broken joinery systems. We can discuss your requirements on site and provide options and pricing to best suit your needs. Before making a decision, consider the cost, the quality of your windows, and the energy savings that can be realised.


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