41Architectural™ Suite

Why choose the 41Architectural™ suite?

Transom/Mullion Connection System

Patented connection system which requires no holes for screws.
Includes transoms, mullions, hinged door vision rails and sliding door interlockers.

What does this mean?

No frame penetrations.

No possible leaks because there is no frame penetration.

More accurate placement.   

Awning and Casement Windows

Frame design is square, flat face with a 19mm flange.

Fixed glazing, 41mm glazing platform (IGUs up to 30mm).

Pocketed sash, IGUs up to 24mm.

Beaded sash, IGUs up to 30mm.

Sashes finish flush with outside face of frame. 

Sliding and Stacker Doors

Outside sliding/stacking door for:

Lower rolling resistance for greater ease of use.

Higher weather performance.

1 or 2 piece stacker frame option. Multi stacker option also available.

Wide and standard stiles and rail options.

Hinged and Bi-fold Doors

Wide and standard stiles and rail options.

Beaded panels accommodate up to 30mm IGUs.

Beads maintain flush external appearance.

50mm panel system.


All Nulook™ products comply with the 15 year durability requirement of the Building Act 1991 B2.

Product Performance

Glass and Window Solutions products are tested in accordance with New Zealand industry standards.

Care and Maintenance

We recommend washing your aluminium joinery every six months with a mild detergent in warm water to remove accumulated dirt, grime and airborne salt deposits. In areas where pollutants are
more prevalent such as beach houses and geothermal or industrial areas, cleaning more regularly is recommended.