AllSeasons™ Features

Make sure you get the maximum advantages from your new double glazing and know everything about AllSeasons™.

So what does AllSeasons™ Thermal Break actually do? 

Aluminium is a highly conductive medium. Our thermal break provides insulation within the joinery panels and frames. The R Value is the value or thermal resistance of a building element. Rwindow value is the R Value measure as measured within a window frame. 

Year round comfort.

According to health experts, the ideal temperature for a healthy home is around 18 degrees celsius. AllSeasons™ helps you achieve that perfect indoor temperature, regardless of what the weather is doing outside. In Winter, AllSeasons™ thermally broken joinery prevents the coldness coming inside – or the warmth escaping through your windows and doors. It works the same way in Summer, keeping the cool air inside.   

Reduced condensation.

Even with double glazing condensation can still form on your windows and doors. AllSeasons™ gives you maximum protection against condensation, all adding up to a healthier and more comfortable home.  

Energy savings.

As mentioned earlier the Rwindow Value measures how well the window insulates. By combining standard, clear double glazing with AllSeasons™ aluminium framing you’ll increase your Rwindow Value by 42%. This increases to an incredible 100% if you select our Low E glass and Argon gas option.

Greater strength gives you more design options.

Because AllSeasons™ is designed for strength, you also get greater freedom with design. AllSeasons™ extrusions are built to suit larger windows and doors, making it the ideal choice for when you want to create that indoor-outdoor flow.

In fact, with AllSeasons™ your doors can be as high as 2.7 metres, with double glazing up to 30mm’s thick. And AllSeasons™ is strong enough to handle extra high wind zones, so you can use it wherever you live in New Zealand.  

Get peace of mind with our patented connection system.

AllSeasons™ is manufactured using NALCO’s patented connection systems – designed to provide more secure, more weather resistant joinery.

Features unique to this system include joints that are stronger and tighter than traditional versions. Controlled drainage paths actually direct water away from your home. Our patented connection system doesn’t require drilling holes in the frames, and this is how we maintain the integrity of all joinery.