WeatherTight™ Features

Like the name suggests, WeatherTight™ was developed to keep water where it should be – outside your home. 

What is WeatherTight™?  

WeatherTight™ is a residential joinery suite that uses innovative drainage design and clever jointing to keep your home free of potentially damaging leaks around windows and doors. This
range was created specifically in response to the ‘leaky building’ crisis and is guaranteed more weather resistant.     

Improved drainage.

WeatherTight™ window frames have been designed to drain away excess water caused by condensation or errant weather. The moisture is drained through channels in the joinery, and actually
directed to the outside of your home.     

Stronger joinery.

WeatherTight™ uses NALCO’s patented Screwless Crimped Corner Connectors to keep the mitre joints tight and strong. The Connectors also provide controlled paths to drain errant water away.

No drilling system means no holes to let water in.

Our unique connector system fixes the mullions, transoms and interlockers securely into the frame without using screws. There’s absolutely no drilling required, so there’s no holes for
water to leak through.  

More secure door panels.

Specially designed Torsional Corner Blocks are inserted into the door panel stiles. This makes the door stronger while still being light, and easy to open and close.  

Energy efficiency.

WeatherTight™ windows and doors help to improve energy efficiency and comfort through the glazing options we have available. All joinery can accommodate 4 to 24mm glazing, so with the
correct choice you can enjoy optimal thermal performance. 

What is an R Value?

The R value is the measure of how well a product insulates. By combining your standard clear double glazing with Weathertight™ you’ll increase your Rwindow value by 42%. This
increases by 100% if your double glazing has Low E Glass and Argon gas.