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Why Retrofit with Glass and Window Solutions ?

There are many good reasons to retrofit double glazing in your home, there are even more reasons to use the specialists from Glass and Window Solutions. 

As experts in retrofitting we will always ensure you have complete knowledge and full understanding of all the double glazing options available to you. We know and understand that not all double glazing is created equal and as such, we have made it our commitment to show you all of the different glass options available, then help and assist you to find the best solution for your home, your situation, your family and your budget.

As Top of the South retrofit specialists we have successfully completed many projects throughout the region. We know that every single job is unique and will bring different challenges. We are happy to work with you and do as much, or as little as you require. By walking you through the entire process you'll gain the benefit of our industry experience and keep inconvenience and disruption to home life down to a bare minimum. It is our intention and aim for you to be enjoying all the benefits of retrofit double glazing as quickly and easily as possible.

If you live in Nelson, Tasman, Golden Bay, Marlborough, Murchison or West Coast talk to us about the retrofit double glazing options available to you.


GWS the Retrofit Specialists


Get the most when you retrofit

When you retrofit your home you receive benefits. When you use us, we consult with you to ensure you maximise every single possible one. We're retrofit specialists who consistently deliver the most suitable retrofit solution available. 

It's a well known fact that retrofitting double glazing makes your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but as you can see by the list below this is only the beginning.  Through our process of information and consultation we help you make the right, educated decisions for your home. 

 Winter Benefits
 Heat Loss Control. 
 Improved Insulation. 
 Reduced Heating Costs. 
 Increased Comfort. 
 Less Condensation. 
 Quieter Living Environment. 
 Healthier Home. 

 Summer Benefits
 Heat Gain Control. 
 Reduced Cooling Costs. 
 Increased Comfort. 
 Quieter Living Environment. 
 Healthier Home. 
 Reduced Glare. 
 Reduced Fading. 

(The table above does not acknowledge the positive impact retrofit double glazing has on the overall worth of homes in the property market).


For further details on retrofit double glazing, how it works, the glass selections available, the actual process, and what's involved to retrofit your home download our helpful retrofit brochure below. 

GWS Retrofit double glazing brochure

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Understand glass industry terms

We want everyone who is considering retrofit double glazing their home is well informed and educated on exactly what's available in the market place, and also what they can expect from their final decisions. 

We take great pride in helping you understand what different glass selections will make to the overall performance of your new retrofit double glazing unit. Always remember, if retrofitting your home becomes too confusing we're always keen to answer your questions personally and then deliver a 'free, NO obligation' quote specific to your requirements and needs.

To help you gain a better understanding of the more common glass industry terminology (with particular reference to double glazing) we have created a PDF document containing all the relevant information you need, download it below.