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Deal with the specialists when you retrofit new double glazing into your home. 

Right NOW you can save thousands of dollars with our exclusive 'International Glass' offer. Usually you get exactly what you pay for, but NOT with our current Winter Special. Thanks to our business contacts we've revolutionised the way double glazing can be purchased in New Zealand. So, if you're prepared to wait a little longer (around 12 weeks from when we confirm your quote) we can save you thousands of dollars on retrofitting your home right now.

Get a FREE, no obligation quote and see the savings you can make with our 'International Glass' Retrofit offer for homes in Nelson, Tasman, Golden Bay and Murchison.


retrofit advantages

Retrofit double glazing your home makes it cooler in summer, warmer in winter, quieter and more energy efficient all year round.  Talk to us about which double glazing option is the most suitable for you, your home and your budget.

We know, and understand that double glazing is not created equal, so we take great pride in helping you understand what different glass selections will make to the overall performance of your new retrofitted unit. It's our intention that everyone who is considering retrofit double glazing be well informed and educated on what's available and what can be expected from their final decisions. 

To help understand some common glass industry terminology (with particular reference to double glazing) you can download a copy of our document here. We hope this will help you make the right decisions, and get the retrofit double glazing that is perfect for your home and your situation - download Glass and Window Solutions Glass terminology document here - and remember if it all gets a bit confusing we are always keen to answer your questions personally and then deliver a 'free, no obligation' quote specific to your requirements. 

We take great pride in delivering outstanding retrofit results at a cost that's considerably less than usually expected. Especially when you take advantage of our exclusive 'International Glass' Winter offer. This offer means you can save thousands of dollars on double glazed retrofit windows of the highest standard and with optimum performance levels. 

No catches, no gimmicks, no marketing hype, just the best double glazed retrofit windows at the best price.


Quality Double Glazing Retrofits on Offer

Compliance Assured

Thanks to our business contacts it is now possible to have retrofit windows manufactured overseas. As you'd expect, every product and item is built specifically for the individual project. And we are so confident of the finished quality that we guarantee it. This is more than just a marketing gimmick, this method of operation allows us to deliver quality products and pass the genuine savings directly back to you, our valued customer.

We are able to guarantee the quality because we engage the same Independent Auditing Companies as the main New Zealand Glass Suppliers. The auditing process conducted by SAI Global and Bureau Veritas gives us the confidence to say that the quality of the products we supply meet or exceed all the products currently supplied in New Zealand. Meaning they also meet New Zealand Regulatory and Building Code Standards.


Other products available

 Aluminium Windows (bi-fold, inline, awning, casement & sliding). 
 Aluminium Doors (hinged, French, bi-fold, sliding & stacker). 
 Double Glazing (aluminium window inserts, retro-fit aluminium & timber). 
 Balustrades (frameless & aluminium). 
 Bathrooms (feature doors, showers & splashbacks). 
 Kitchens (feature doors & splashbacks). 

Realistically, if you're after glass, or an aluminium product or item that contains glazing then we're happy to discuss how our 'International Glass' offer can help you save money.

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