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Specialists in Double Glazed Windows & Aluminium Joinery

We are in business to make life easier for anyone who needs aluminium joinery, double glazing,  glass or glass products in Nelson, Tasman, Golden Bay, Marlborough, Murchison or the West Coast.

Whether you’re upgrading or renovating your existing home, or building a new, dream home we are capable specialists who can help you purchase the perfect solutions – including aluminium double glazed windows, aluminium doors, bifold doors, stacker doors, glass balustrades and sliding doors.

We’re a fully approved Nulook™ Aluminium Joinery System agent with a proven history in the glass industry and have access to glass and designer glass products. Save yourself time and hassle, deal with the Retrofit specialists for ‘All Things Glass’.

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All Things Glass

Retrofit & Double Glazing

Aluminium Windows, Doors and Balustrades

The Retrofit Specialists

We specialise in retrofitting new double glazed windows into existing single glazed aluminium and timber windows in homes throughout Nelson, Tasman, Blenheim, Golden Bay and Murchison.

As specialists we also offer the alternative option of aluminium window inserts. 

If you’re thinking of making your home warmer, quieter and more comfortable this winter it pays to talk to us about which double glazing option is the most suitable for you, your home and your budget. We will discuss your situation, offer our expert opinion and then deliver a ‘no obligation’ quote that details the best double glazing solutions available to you. Talk to the experts and enjoy a hassle free experience when retrofitting your home.

Retrofit Double Glazing Specialists

Experts in All Things Glass

Glass and Window Solutions can help you select the perfect glass or glass products for your home and next project.

As experts we pride ourselves in offering assistance and advice that will save you time and give you a hassle-free experience no matter what your project is. Whether it’s a new balustrade or a shower, a splashback or a mirror, a new window or a complete house-lot of aluminium joinery we can help.

At Glass & Window Solutions we are proud to be your local ‘Experts in All Things Glass’.

Market Leading Aluminium Joinery Systems

Nulook™ is the country’s leading brand of aluminium joinery and enjoys the reputation of being a market leader in New Zealand.

If you demand design performance, unsurpassed quality, an unrivalled product selection and a team dedicated to ‘total service’, then make sure your Nulook™ Windows and Doors come from Glass and Window Solutions.

Good People are our Strength

One of our major strengths is our people. They are all experienced, well respected, professionals within the aluminium joinery and glass industries.

Glass and Window Solutions consulting staff are hand-picked for their industry knowledge and their commitment to deliver an exceptional experience every single time.

Our philosophy of ‘Total Service’ is inherent in everything we do at Glass and Window Solutions. Experience has taught us that the smallest detail can have the biggest impact. That is why we leave nothing to chance and are fully dedicated to giving you the best service you’ve ever experienced, every single time you deal with us. 

nulook Solutions now Glass & Window Solutions

We are very pleased to announce that our rebrand of nulook Solutions to Glass and Window Solutions (GWS) is now complete.

We believe this rebrand best reflects and promotes who we really are as a company, being that we provide both glass products and aluminium joinery solutions. You can rest assured that our commitment and service to our customers is unwavering and remains our single highest priority.

This rebrand will not affect or delay any current or future orders you may have with us, neither will it affect our shipping or billing addresses which will all remain the same. It simply means our company which was trading as nulook Solutions will now trade as Glass and Window Solutions.

We thank you for your continued support and ongoing business with us.

We Can Design Windows For Any Home

Whether you’re moving into a new home or renovating your existing place, you can trust Glass & Window Solutions to provide you with the solutions you need to make your property warm, cosy and beautiful. Our expert glaziers in Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough and the West Coast have experience in a wide range of glass products and custom renovation scenarios.

We specialise in window systems and louvres for all kinds of buildings including family homes. And if you want to keep the cold out all winter long, we have double glazing windows to match your budget.

If you need high-quality architectural joinery or glass products, talk to our experts today. We provide our specialist services to people throughout the Nelson/Tasman, Marlborough and West Coast regions, including Stoke, Richmond, Mapua, Golden Bay, Reefton, Westport, Picton and Murchison.

See what our aluminium windows and doors can do for your home

Benefits of Double Glazing in Nelson, Tasman & Marlborough

Double glazing is a process where two sheets of glass are separated by a spacer and then sealed to create an insulating layer. This process can be used on both existing windows and insert windows. The benefits of double glazing Nelson glassvinclude reduced heat loss, reduced condensation, and improved thermal comfort.

It is well known that heat loss through windows accounts for around 30% of a home’s complete heat loss. The installation of double glazing therefore has the potential to reduce heat loss by up to 50%. Additionally, thermally broken windows and doors are now readily available in the market. These are manufactured with a metal strip running through the middle of the frame which acts as a barrier, further reducing heat loss.

The reduced heat loss means that your home will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, saving you money on your energy bills. The reduced condensation means that your windows will stay clear, even in high humidity areas like Nelson, Tasman & Marlborough. And the improved thermal comfort means that you’ll feel more comfortable in your home all year round. If you’re looking for ways to improve the comfort of your home, consider the benefits of double glazing. It is probably the best solution for your existing windows or your new, insert windows to help to create a warmer home.

Installing & Repairing Glass in Nelson & the South Island

Nelson is renowned for its stunning natural scenery, and the region’s homes and businesses are often designed to take advantage of the beautiful views. As a result, glass plays an important role in the Nelson area, and there is a need for high-quality glazing services.

Glass and Window Solutions are your local experts in glass installation and repair, serving the Nelson region and the South Island. We work with both residential and commercial customers, and our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of workmanship. We offer a wide range of glazing services, including repairs and replacements of broken windows, safety glass, and glass splashbacks. We also specialise in all types of glass installations and repairs, from pool fencing to frameless glass balustrades.


Ngatamotoi retrofit windows

An excellent job… It looks fantastic

Recently we had ten new windows fitted into our house.
We were very pleased with the work done. An excellent job, very tidy, very clean and we are very pleased with the result. It looks fantastic, cheers Glass and Window Solutions.


We are delighted with our windows and doors.

Many thanks to the team at Glass and Window Solutions. Your service was very helpful and professional. We are delighted with our windows and doors.


I’m totally impressed with your customer service

I am over the moon with the new shower and it looks amazing. I’m totally impressed with your customer service, Loren was a methodical, nice natured perfectionist. I will be doing some nice images of the finished product for your marketing so watch this space. Go team!


…very happy with our new retrofitted double glazed windows.

My wife and I are very happy with our new retrofitted double glazed windows. We contacted Glass and Window Solutions and asked for a quote. The job was looked at and quoted within a couple of days. We accepted the quote and we’re very impressed with how easy and efficient the whole process was. Looking at the windows you can’t tell that they weren’t always double glazed. Great job. Thanks.


…use superior materials to other double glazing companies.

During the few years of working with Glass and Window Solutions, on my rentals and our own home, I have found all of the staff to be extremely helpful and considerate. Overall, Glass and Window Solutions are good. One point to mention is that they use superior materials in comparison to many other double glazing companies. I will continue using them, since they all know me and their friendly and professional advice has always given me marvellous results. Thank you Glass and Window Solutions.