About Glass and Window Solutions

"I promise you won't find better products, better people, or a better experience when you're building or renovating your home".

Aaron Fitzgerald - Managing Director, Glass and Window Solutions

We are a successful business that has been created to be the one, easy solution for homeowners building new homes or renovating existing ones in Tasman, Marlborough and the West Coast. Our promise is a simple one, we have all the glass and aluminium joinery systems in one single place for you. 

We exist exclusively to help you make the right decisions on your glass, aluminium joinery systems and all other related products. You are invited to use Glass and Window Solutions as part of your next building venture and experience the difference that we bring to the marketplace.


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Glass and Window Solutions team

Aaron Fitzgerald Glass and Window Solutions Managing Director

Aaron Fitzgerald
Managing Director

Phone: 021 227 6666                 
Email: AaronF@glassandwindowsolutions.co.nz
 Avril Fitzgerald, Sales Consultant, Glass and Window Solutions

Avril Fitzgerald      
Business Support

Phone: 03 538 0100   
Email: AvrilF@glassandwindowsolutions.co.nz
 Steve Scott, Sales Manager, Glass and Window Solutions

Steve Scott      
Sales Manager

Phone: 021 142 8616   
Email: SteveS@glassandwindowsolutions.co.nz
 Dan Craig Project Manager, Installations Glass and Window Solutions

Dan Craig
Installations Manager

Phone: 027 530 0016                              
Email: DanC@glassandwindowsolutions.co.nz
 Fiona Harris, Business Administrator, Glass and Window Solutions

Fiona Harris
Administration Manager / Health & Safety

Phone: 027 215 0992                            
Email: FionaH@glassandwindowsolutions.co.nz
 Matt Gaines, Sales Representative, Glass and Window Solutions

Matt Gaines      
Sales Consultant

Phone: 027 315 6471   
Email: MattG@glassandwindowsolutions.co.nz
 Emma Byrne, Administration Support Windows Direct, Glass and Window Solutions

Emma Byrne
Estimator / Windows Direct

Phone: 03 538 0100   
Email: EmmaB@glassandwindowsolutions.co.nz
Blair French Estimator Sales Glass and Window Solutions

Blair French
Project Manager / Windows Direct

Phone: 03 538 0100     
Email: BlairF@glassandwindowsolutions.co.nz
 Jacob Guyton, Project Manager, Installations, Glass and Window Solutions

Jacob Guyton      
Project Manager / Installations

Phone: 027 344 2707   
Email: JacobG@glassandwindowsolutions.co.nz
Tony Diedrichs, Production Supervisor, Glass and Window Solutions

Tony Diedrichs
Production Manager

Phone: 027 360 6830     
Email: TonyD@glassandwindowsolutions.co.nz
 Daniella Fogg, Administrator, Windows Direct, Glass and Window Solutions

Daniella Fogg      
Administrator / Windows Direct

Phone: 021 142 8616   
Email: DaniellaF@glassandwindowsolutions.co.nz
 Rebecca Myers, Administrator, Installations, Glass and Window Solutions

Rebecca Myers      
Administrator / Installations

Phone: 03 538 0100   
Email: RebeccaM@glassandwindowsolutions.co.nz